Exercise & Bonding between Parent & Child

As a Mom it can be hard to find the time to go to gym, whether you have a new baby or a little toddler. You tend to run around, juggling home, work and your little one, leaving precious little time to exercise, not to mention not getting much sleep in your new, hectic routine. Motherhood throws loads of tasks at Moms and at times it feels like too much to even consider exercising. And if you do find the time, you have to find someone you trust to look after that new person in your life.

What’s a Mom to do?



The answer is simple. Sign up for a Mommy and Me Fitness Class in your area, and enjoy spending time with your little one, whilst getting some exercise and also, socializing with like-minded Moms.


From Our Moms

“….. It was great to get a whole body workout while including my baby. A lovely way to meet other mommies and so relaxed, I could feed or change her half way through and just join back in. Nice alternatives are also given for my achy back and I loved that tickling, giggling and talking babies are all part of it. It was so cute and a nice sized group of lovely ladies”


“….. Finding time to stay fit and finding time to socialize with babies/toddlers can at times be quite a challenge. Besides finding time, it’s also not always possible to have someone look after your baby for you to quickly fit in a workout. That’s where the Mommy & Me Fitness Team comes in! With a program specifically designed for Mom’s and incorporating baby, it’s a great way to get fit, while bonding with your baby and meet other Moms.

Exercise plays such an important role in improving your mood by releasing endorphins, and improving your self-confidence. When you’re busy being a Mom, it’s often easy to forget how important it is to take some time for self-care, which includes exercise. I love the idea that now baby is incorporated into the exercise class, so I can know that I am getting a workout while keeping baby happy at the same time.

I attended a class with her and loved it! It was great to get a workout with other Mom’s with the same fitness level as myself, as well as socialize. The workout was a full body workout that was the right amount of a challenge for it to be effective, but still enjoyable!

Lara fell asleep on the way to our class, and stayed sleeping in the carrier for the first half of the class, so this meant I wasn’t able to do all the exercises (especially the ones that required Lara to be laying down). Sharon was great at adjusting the exercises for me to still do them with Lara in the carrier. Once Lara woke up, I was able to carry on with the rest of the exercises as normal.

This was really an enjoyable experience, and I encourage every Mom to try it out! “


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